6 Ways Travel Changed My Everyday Life

6 Ways Travel Changed My Everyday Life 

It’s been said time and again that travel changes you. It’s true. Travel changes you in so many ways. It’s easy to get romantic about it and talk about the intrinsic ways you feel different after traveling. That seems to be a required thing to talk about a lot of the time. But what about the practical, everyday things that change because you’ve traveled? How is your everyday life different because you got out and explored the world? I’ve been thinking about this lately and I’ve come up with a list of ways I’ve seen my everyday life changed by my travel experiences.


I’ve always liked cooking and being in the kitchen. But since I’ve been traveling I’ve found myself being more adventurous in what I cook. Confession, I grew up as a picky eater. There are plenty of foods I refused to eat when I was younger that I love now. I don’t know what I’d do without bell peppers in my life but for some crazy reason I thought I didn’t like them growing up. Still, there are foods that I’ve tried throughout my travels that I didn’t care for. And that’s ok. At least I’ve tried them. When I’m not traveling I’m on the look out for recipes that remind me of my travels or from places and cultures I haven’t explored yet. Food is a great way to explore a culture whether you’re in that country or in your own kitchen. I also love exploring other cultures through checking out ethnic grocery stores in my area. Such an interesting experience to pick something up and give it a try.


Another confession, when I first studied abroad I wasn’t interested in photography and didn’t think much about what photos I wanted to remember the experience with. My advice now is to think about what kinds of pictures you want before you leave. If it helps, physically write that list down. Whatever it takes, have an idea of the things you want to document. Ever since this experience and perhaps because of my lack of forethought about the beauty of everday life and how that changes from time to time I now enjoy documenting everyday life through photography.

Dreaming of New Places 

Sometimes life involves staying in one place for a while and not traveling. I’ve been in a season of life where I haven’t been traveling but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of new places. A few things feed my dreams. For one, I’m an avid reader of historical fiction and novels set in other countries. Reading is a great way to take a mental trip to a new place. I also read a lot of nonfiction about other cultures. Pinterest is another great way to fuel dreaming of new places. I love looking through pins to learn about new places!

Thinking Compact and Practical

As a wheelchair user I think it’s really important to hone in on very practical solutions that fit my needs. One of the items that stands out to me most is my umbrella. Yes, I’m excited about an umbrella! This umbrella is a dome or “birdcage” style and is made from a see-through material. Did I mention it’s also the personal favorite of Queen Elizabeth II? Yep, and it’s surprisingly affordable for something with that distinction. The only thing I don’t like about it is it isn’t very compact since the handle doesn’t fold up. For those wondering, I put the handle between my legs and it balances quite nicely. Go to the Fulton website to see all of the color options. When I’m researching new gadgets I envision what I want a product to do for me first and then figure out how to make that happen. Repurposing products is a big strategy.

Travel Scarf

I wrote about this DIY scarf with a zippered pocket and I’m still loving it! Highly recommend a scarf like this whether you’re going on a trip or just running errands or out for dinner or a drink.

Introduction to Teaching Language 

I spent a semester in Costa Rica learning language and culture and I was based at a language school rather than a university. This sparked my interest in teaching language to nonnative speakers. When I returned home I decided to minor in Teaching English As A Second Language. I also looked for local opportunities to teach English. I found a local organization that trains volunteers to work with adult ESL learners and connects them to ESL classes to serve in. If you are based in Minnesota check this link out. If you aren’t then look for a similar organization in your area. This connection has been extremely rewarding!

Travel has had an impact on many areas of my life. These are the most tangible ways that I’m seeing that impact. I could probably go on and on. The fact that I wear a watch all the time is a direct result of my very first international experience where I didn’t wear one and ended up regretting it at one point! Yeah, I could go on and on but I leave it at this right now. What are some ways you’re seeing travel impact your everyday life.

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