Beyond the Single Story Presentation

Picture this scene. You’re at a professional conference for study abroad professionals. You’re eager to connect with colleagues and be reenergized to continue making the field a more welcoming place for students from diverse backgrounds. The slate of presentations is full of opportunities to do just that. As you go from session to session you’re… Continue reading Beyond the Single Story Presentation

Disability Inclusive Marketing in Study Abroad

Everyone wants to be inclusive. Being inclusive is being respectful and welcoming. But in practical terms what does being inclusive look like? How can disability topics be addressed outside of one-on-one conversations with an individual? There are a number of strategies you can use to market study abroad programs in a disability inclusive manner. Here,… Continue reading Disability Inclusive Marketing in Study Abroad

Wisconsin Accessible Travel Guide

Travel is for everyone. Travel information should be too. But far too often travel information fails to speak to the more than 26 million disabled travelers in the U.S. alone. And globally that number is obviously much higher. Connecting people directly to accessibility information is a vital part of making travel information for everyone. Your… Continue reading Wisconsin Accessible Travel Guide

Event Organizers: We Need to Talk About Inclusion

I know, I know. You're busy and there are so many factors that go into putting on a successful event. Give me 5 minutes to talk about something that I've felt desperate to tell you about for years. Please. I promise it'll be worth it. Just keep an open mind and hear me out. Okay?… Continue reading Event Organizers: We Need to Talk About Inclusion

Unlocking an Inclusive Business Mindset

We can all agree that inclusion is good for business; that it's the right thing to do. But why do inclusion efforts fail and even more frequently, why do inclusion efforts fail to include people with disabilities? It all starts with mindset. Unlock and inclusive mindset and you'll move forward to actually implementing inclusive practices.… Continue reading Unlocking an Inclusive Business Mindset

The Conversation I Should’ve Had BEFORE the Faculty-Led Study Abroad

This season of reflection has brought me to unpacking my experience on a faculty-led study abroad to the beautiful country of Tanzania. This trip was a required part of my master’s program. From the information we we given I did what I could to prepare. I disclosed my physical disability when I was asked to… Continue reading The Conversation I Should’ve Had BEFORE the Faculty-Led Study Abroad

11 Travel Reflection Questions to Spark Positivity Right Now

The world feels so upside down this year. We don’t know what normal is right now. We want things to go back to how they were but have no idea when that might happen. At times it feels like we take a step forward but then the next week we take two steps back. And… Continue reading 11 Travel Reflection Questions to Spark Positivity Right Now

Disability Inclusion as Part of Your International Education Brand

Disability is a natural part of diversity. But could it be that it's such a natural part that we've nearly forgotten it at times? Or perhaps there is an unconscious bias that influences the lack of disability inclusion? Why is it that even when diversity is discussed the conversation rarely addresses disability? Why is that… Continue reading Disability Inclusion as Part of Your International Education Brand

A Beginner’s Guide to Addressing Disability Questions in Study Abroad

There are so many variables to consider when anyone goes abroad. Many times the additional variables that people with various disabilities bring to the table can feel even more intimidating for both the person considering going abroad and the professional helping them through the process. Obviously, each person is a unique individual disabled or not.… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Addressing Disability Questions in Study Abroad

Planning for Re-Entry After an International Experience

So, you've gone abroad and returned home or you've sent students abroad and they have returned home. Now what? What did that experience mean? What do you do with the feelings that have come up upon returned home? You might be reading this after returning home and you're feeling stuck. These thoughts and tips are… Continue reading Planning for Re-Entry After an International Experience